Her distant boss allures women, but never seems to notice them. After years of suppressed desire, she finally decides to play the sexy secretary. In this story “for the woman whose submissive streak runs deep” (Publisher’s Weekly), a boss tightens his grip on his secretary’s life, as well as her hair!

When Libby asked her husband to join her as a vampire, she didn’t realize what that entailed.  Now, they’re about to spend eternity together—after sharing a night of passion before The Council. This juice box/blood bag vegetarian must perform intimately then taste fresh blood for the first time, taking Travis across the immortal abyss.






How to Become a Lady Adventurer

Luna has resigned herself to baking and marrying a man who is kind but she does not love him. But on the eve of her wedding, her childhood love Aldwyn appears outside her window with a ticket to a new life. Will Luna abandon her home and her fiancé for passion and adventure aboard an aereship?





After a romantic dinner at home, she suggests a coin toss. When she wins, her boyfriend utters one word and suddenly she knows exactly what she wants. They twist their gender roles, and she becomes Daddy to her boyfriend’s little princess.  She’s ready for him to play daddy’s girl all night long!

Best Lesbian Erotica 2012

Julie had planned for a quiet night in, but a friend unexpectedly shows up with Leah. The minute Leah changes into her maid uniform, Julie finds herself thrilled by the intrusion! A simple bath quickly turns steamy, delivering “lesbian sex with a side order of raw power” (SHE Magazine).

Armaretto martinis, sashimi, a hot tub, and an anything-goes attitude make for a wildly sexy party!

Unable to get a certain man out of her mind, she goes to the party bent on seducing someone. Anyone. But before she can find either a woman or a man to satisfy her needs, an unexpected visitor arrives and reminds her of the benefits of leaving the party early. . .





Best Women's Erotica 2009
A life spent entertaining suitors in the drawing room bores her, especially when her older, intelligent male guardian carefully maintains the space between them. In this “decadent and delirious visit to the Victorian era” (Violet Blue), the roles reverse, and the lady courts the only suitor she desires!
Llewellny's 2015 Herbal Almanac Gathering

Llewellyn’s 2015 Herbal Almanac Gathering 

Discover the Power of Herbs

As nature’s most versatile and potent plants, herbs can be used in hundreds of ways to add zest and vitality to your life. Inspiring you with a bounty of innovative ideas and recipes, Llewellyn’s 2015 Herbal Almanac offers dozens of articles that explore many ways of using herbs, from gardening and cooking, to health and beauty, to herb craft and lore.

Cultivate a radiant spirit and a healthy life. Try delicious new recipes. Create healing salves and lotions. This friendly guide features hands-on projects, fresh ideas, and advice for herb enthusiasts of all skill levels.
“Tiny Worlds: Designing and Creating Your Own Terrariums”
A step by step guide to creating inexpensive Terrariums. Perfect for small space living!

“Lovely Lavender”
Gifts that you can make using dried lavender and lavender oil.



The Arte of Glamour has a mission: to help you find sustainable wonder in yourself, your spiritual practice and your life. Written with a dry wit and a keen understanding gained from years of working with magical ritual, the salt of the earth suggestions will encourage you to delve deeper into your ritual practice. Filled with tips, tricks, spells, a ritual format and a small book of spirits, The Arte of Glamour insists on beauty as something important in both spirituality and everyday life. Foreword by Gordon White.

Young Women's Monologs from Contemporary Plays

Young Women’s Monologs from Contemporary Plays, “Inside a Seashell” (edited by Gerald Lee Ratcliff) A young woman is assaulted at a party and tells her tale to her sister.

Freelance Work
Deborah’s work has appeared in AOL (homepage article), Witches & Pagans, Venus magazine (feature article), New Witch (feature article) and SageWoman.

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